Case Study: Syringe packaging for Abbott

One of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers packages Highpack and Ready-fill syringes on Schubert-Pharma equipment. With an output of 330 cartons per minute, the planned and implemented systems are the fastest top-load cartoners on the market.

Schubert-Pharma developed this high-performance cartoner for the Solvay company (now Abbott ) with an integrated shipping cartoner. An early highlight is the integrated product tracking feature with data management for the applied Italy vignettes.

Together with its customer, Schubert-Pharma implemented the complete packaging materials process, including carton design as a complementary service to machine delivery.

The packaging solution for up to 330 syringes per minute consists of the following steps and functions:

  • Buffers respectively grouping the syringes for the cartoning process
  • Erecting the top-load boxes
  • Loading the individual boxes
  • Adding the information leaflet
  • Closing the boxes
  • Identifying the individual boxes with laser printers
  • Vignetting the boxes with readback and management of data
  • Erecting the shipping cartoning
  • Grouping individual boxes and loading the shipping box
  • Sealing and labeling
  • Forwarding material to the downstream transport logistics